ScaredMittless was established when the country was realizing the critical importance of Internet Marketing and it was understood that without quality content, Digital Marketing is nothing but a lost battle. While there were many writers (And there still are!) who boasts of quality content, most of them hardly understood that the content should be goal-oriented and the purpose of content determined the approach which has to be considered while writing it. Spamming the internet will not give you victory, never!

On the contrary, being well acquainted with the delicate and ever-changing concepts of Internet marketing (For both search engines and social media), ScaredMittless emerged as a remarkable champion in the industry. The perfect optimization of quality and budget that we still provide is something that has helped us survive and win the war. We are one of the most organized core content writing agencies which can provide you content as per your own requirements – tailor made, exclusively for you.

Why ScaredMittless?

350+ satisfied clients

We have dealt in all kind of domains – Travel, health, Real Estate, Finance, Information Technology, Web content, SOPs, Academic Writing, SEO writing; practically anything you can imagine in the cosmos of content. Till now, we have catered to more than 500 clients – both national and international.

Plagiarism and error free content

We know what plagiarized content can do to your site. It is like a virus which can eat it inside out. We use paid software to ensure that there is absolutely no plagiarism. No, we don’t rely on free online tools where results fluctuate every other time you check.

Pocket-Friendly Solutions

Not meaning to be another clichéd here, we actually mean it. The content that we will offer – it will be worth your money because it will bring results. Yes, quotes are negotiable usually and it completely depends on the volumes from your ends and the delivery deadlines that you are being agreed upon.

Customized Packages

Have quite a lot to be done which should happen regularly? Let us make a package for you and make things simple. In a package, the frequency of content is scheduled with time and your inbox will receive it right on the scheduled date. Yes, we can also update it directly on your site if you want.

There are many more reasons which you will explore once you get on board with us. Contact ScaredMittless and let us help you succeed with the most powerful weapon of marketing – content!