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There are a variety of half motorcycle helmets in the market, thus during this article, we’ll assist you in limiting your search to provide the best ones. Here, we will discuss the top five helmets that have premium quality and new technologies, still as discuss cons and budgets.

We will provide you full assistance in our high decide and build suggestions before you create your purchase. We will discuss simultaneously some commonly-raised problems like weight, material, and therefore the “mushroom head” look.

To choose a helmet, the best practice is to how well it fits you, however, if you are purchasing from an online e-commerce store, product’s size chart always keep in mind and carefully review it. You must have a clear knowledge of your own head size. Other users review may also help in the decision of the final purchase. You will most probably notice lots of comments and suggestions concerning size within the reviews section.

Half Helmets: Why Do People Choose It?

When we talk about half motorcycle helmets, a question comes into mind that why people are transferred from full-faced helmet to half helmets. Before we start with the list, let’s first take a closer look at the function of half helmets to find its edge on the full-face helmet.

Some of the most common reasons include better ventilation, better view, comfort, and occasionally – for a stylish look.

However, many riders still use these – even those who have bigger bikes like Harleys or Dodge.

The major concern about half helmets is safety. It is definitely less safe than full-face helmets and therefore there’s less coverage in any crash

If you’re looking for a cool half helmet for your motorcycle, read on. This article will give you some ideas on some of the best products on the market today. While these continue to face debate because of safety concerns, we made sure to feature only the DOT approved models.

1. Vega Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield

The Rebel worrier bike Helmet for Men by Vega Helmets is that the ideal bike helmet for those trying to find an easier trendy helmet with its tiny, light-weight, custom-fit, and have packed style.

Optically correct change posture sun shield will shield your eyes from the sun, bugs, and trash whereas enjoying the sights with the simple to use, optically correct, change posture inner sun defend on the worrier face helmet.

Distinguish feature of Rebel warrior bone cap helmet are its options; a brand new size-adjustment dial system for the proper custom appropriate your head, a sophisticated wetness wicking liner, channeled EPS for exaggerated cooling & safety, and cushiony quick-release strap.

On the whole surface, you find a flag graphic which provides a patriotic look and a little bit of mushroom look but you can adjust helmet position as you want with its custom fit feature.

Safety is the most important feature of any helmet and Worrier Vega Helmet meets or exceeds United States DOT FMVSS 218 safety laws. It is designed with a thick, high density totally ventilated EPS liner to greatly absorb impact, therefore, you’ll feel assured riding your cruiser, chopper, scooter or a street motorcycle.


  • Lightweight provides comfort and easy to carry for the rider
  • Custom-fit allows you to adjust helmet as you want
  • DOT Certified


  • The quick-release chin strap may choke your throat if you have the helmet tight enough not to move around.
  • A rider wearing glasses may encounter issues with the sun shield.

2. Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Initially look our Pit Boss might seem like several spouse helmets within the cruiser class which may be deceived. Scratch the surface, though, and you’ll discover quality that sets it higher than the competition. The Bell Pit Boss has double layered and thick enough without being too large

A light-weight Tri-Matrix shell with innovative Speed dial fit system anticipates “lift and slippage” plaguing most spouse helmets. It has a removable neck curtain for atmospheric condition riding made pleasant your ride.

A drop-down internal sun defend provides on the fly protection from the sun, and a removable neck curtain not solely offers atmospheric condition protection however additionally houses speaker pockets should as a convenient manner to add audio sweetening. Comfortable, Convenient speaker pockets; just thumb the starter button and enjoy your ride. One ride can ensure the Bell Pit Boss as King of the Road.


  • It has double layered and thick surface but light as well
  • Less Mushroom Look than other DOT helmets
  • Removable neck curtain prevents you from harsh weather conditions


  • The square measure pockets on either side of the ears however they do not even have an open association with each other or a gap to the outside. You will need to run their connecting wire externally.

3. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Unisex-Adult Half Helmet

A classy shell product of our high performance, light-weight Kinetic chemical compound Alloy (KPA). It is simply the correct mix of retro-cool with a technical edge. Imagine a half-shell motorbike helmet that provides flow-through, ported ventilation to stay you cool on the best-liked of days.

The short peak and Twin defend System sink sunblock can shield your eyes once the sun is within the horizon. The sun defend itself has unique, two-stage adjustability: lock it 1/2 approach for simply a bit shade, or full open for total sun protection provideyou Freedom of choice.

Our dual-density EPS meets or exceeds DOT standards. End it off with a DOT approved micrometric, fast unharness chin-strap, and you’ve got all the convenience and luxury of a conventional motorbike half helmet.

However with the technology of the longer term, the LS2 Rebellion is ready up for simple and seamless installation of our new LinkIn Bluetooth communication system


  • The helmet extends down slightly around the back of your head for extra protection, the vent does help with airflow, and the quick release latch is awesome.
  • Cool Design and affordable


  • Visor Visibility at night may be effected

4. TORC Unisex-Adult Size Style T53 Black Hills Motorcycle Half Helmet

Trendy Lightweight Advanced ABS shell provides you a stylish look. It has super comfortable inner padding which brings calm when you wear it. As other half helmets, it is also lightweight, Advanced ABS shell with faux-carbon fiber inserts and removable sun visor.

DOT approved, meet Federal motor vehicle safety standard (FMVSS) 218


  • Design is perfect and affordable
  • ABS shell with fibers bring comfort for the rider


  • It does not have quick release

5. ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet

The quick release Chin Strap feature of ILM shell easily gets it on and off. This may affect the safety measures too but on the other hand popular among motorcycle riders. Top quality as ABS Shell DOT FMVSS N218 approved for motorcycle riding, cycling and other outdoor sports

Quality improved integrated drop-down sun visor, removable and replaceable for free of charge if you receive a helmet with broken visor. It has a premium venting system that reduces heat at the top of the head and rider feel calm

Available in solid flat black/gloss black design which are suitable for Men and Women


  • With easy chin release feature price is affordable
  • Easy to install Bluetooth handset as well


  • It has no vents
  • If you wear glasses, forget the use of side down shades


By analyzing all above helmets, we found Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet and LS2 Rebellion Unisex-Adult Half Helmet have great competition but we found the later one is best because of its high tech features, sleek design and premium quality.

As far as the budget concern, product value and quality comprise it. The prime objective of half helmet is stylish, lightweight and high tech features with the ultimate goal of rider satisfaction.

Other user experiences and positive reviews are helpful in order to get the final purchase decision. As you know what you are buying is tested already.

There you are!

Thanks for reading and Best of Luck while using half helmets. Always use sunscreen while using them as your face is uncovered in sunlight.

Consider all of the factors provided on above and do some careful consideration before you create your purchase. God Bless you and Good Luck!

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