Conveyancing Solicitor

If you are planning to sell your old property and move to a new house, then you will need a conveyancing solicitor who ensures that you have a good ‘title’ to the land that the property sits upon.

So it becomes essential to choose the right solicitor who will arrange and achieve exchange of relevant contracts on your behalf.

The solicitor will also ensure that the smooth transfer of the legal title of the property takes place from one person to another.

Here are some of the top tips that will help you to select the right legal team of qualified and experienced solicitors who will make the sale and purchase process less stressful for you.

1. Fees charged by the solicitor

You should note that the conveyancer will cost you a significant amount, so you need to prepare a budget for the same. Be cautious that the cheapest solicitor may not always be trustworthy, but the fees being charged must also be according to the size of your pocket.

2. Recommendations from friends and previous clients

Sometimes recommendations from your trustworthy friends, family members, and also the former clients can help to ease out the process of choosing the right solicitor. Accordingly, you can go for that conveyancer who has the best reviews and ratings, and the bad experiences of the old clients will prevent you from choosing the wrong solicitor.

3. Check the location of the conveyancer

It matters a lot whether the conveyancer you are going to hire is local or is from an altogether different place. The local knowledge and awareness about regional developments of the solicitor will help to fasten the completion of the sale-purchase process. You should also give this a thought that will you be comfortable communicating via email or telephonic conversation.

4. Qualification matters a lot

You must not hesitate to ask a solicitor about his skill and the prior experiences that he or she carries. This will help you to hire the right team equipped with the required knowledge, expertise, and will remain committed throughout the entire process. You must ensure if the person you are hiring will always be ready to help and support you and also check that they have prior experience to undertake a sale or purchase.

5. Choose if they are registered with the lender

It is worth to note that before hiring the solicitor you need to ask them if they are registered with the mortgage lander’s panel.

Choosing an unapproved solicitor can create unnecessary troubles and complications. An ideal conveyancer will have the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accreditation. If they are not registered with the panel of the building society, you can ask them to register, but that will cause issues due to the unwanted delay.

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