Education Importance

Education strongly determines the life quality of a nation. The role of education is crucial to create an intelligent, peaceful, open, and democratic life. The efforts to improve the quality of education have been carried out by the Indonesian ancestors for a long time. However, until now, the results have not been satisfactory. Nowadays, everyone is generally aware of the importance of education, both for personal development and for the progress of the nation and state. Education has become basic needs such as clothing, food, housing, and health needs. Education is one of the supporting factors for the progress of the whole nation to achieve development goals, namely towards a just and prosperous material and spiritual society based on Pancasila. Education has pedagogical goals.

Education is a process of human development that occur in a lifetime. Social Sciences, which are taught in schools, have an essential role in providing opportunities for students to be directly involved in a variety of learning experiences, which are chosen systematically.

Social Sciences aims that students have the following abilities.

1. Develop assessment skills associated with a method, technique and learning strategy, to obtain the desired learning outcomes

2. Improving social science learning achievement through a process of assessment

3. Improve the ability and critical thinking skills

4. Laying the foundation of a strong moral character through identifying the order of the laws and regulations of the national invitation contained in the Social Sciences.

5. Developing sportsmanship, honesty, discipline, responsibility, cooperation, confidence and democracy

6. Developing skills to maintain the safety of yourself, others, and the environment relating to identifying the order of national legislation that is contained in Social Sciences.

7. Understanding the concept of Social Sciences activities in a clean environment as information to achieve perfect learning, learning the lifestyle, skilled, and have a positive attitude.

According to Suryabrata cited by Muhari (1983: 25), learning achievement is the last learning outcome achieved as well as possible in a certain period in school. Soemarsono (1986: 18) defines learning achievement is a value that embodies student learning outcomes achieved according to his ability to do the task at a particular time.

Based on the opinions above, the author can conclude that:

  • Learning achievement is a form of learning outcomes achieved by students after they carry out learning activities in school.
  • The learning outcomes achieved by students according to their abilities, which include intellectual abilities and non-intellectual abilities.
  • Student learning effort is a process that is influenced by many factors, including the use of media that is relevant to students’ uniqueness and learning environment.
  • To find out the learning outcomes of students at school, an evaluation of learning is conducted.

Modern education experts form the act of learning is a form of growth or change in a person expressed in new ways of behavior thanks to practice and experience (Zainal Aqib, 2002) further explained by Ernest R Hilgard in his book “Theories of Learning” provides a definition of learning as follows “Learning is the process by which an activity originates or is changed through training products (whether in the laboratory or in the natural environment) at disting from the changes by factors not attribute able to training”.

Motivation is a change in energy in a person which is marked by the emergence of feelings and reactions to achieve goals. Or motivation is the urge to carry out learning activities, both from within someone (intrinsic) and from outside oneself (extrinsic). Motivation functions as an impetus, director, and driver of behavior. Motivation also has value in determining success, democratizing education, fostering creativity and determining the effectiveness of learning. is a reason or urge for someone to act.

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